We all have this feeling, before becoming a designer, all of the "designer" career of these three words are very envious, I hope you can call us as Dongguan designer. When the customer is respected as a designer, we are very proud and happy. But I hope you understand, designers not only design the occupation name, because he assumes the role of the teachers in the design or function, so remember the moment: a teacher for a day is a lifelong learning designer.

What is a designer? Why do you want to understand the concept of "teacher"? In fact, I was transposition thinking, that is, standing in the customer's point of view, to give full consideration to why he wants to find you to do the design of the reasons? If you find out the reason is to find your own design. While their transposition thought, can not find the reason for the division of words, so naturally you is not the designer, then call you when every designer in others, a lot of thinking how a designer? The designers of the division, but also the need for us to work hard every day and learning, and constantly improve their design level and comprehensive quality. Let oneself from designer to designer's transformation, the designer can afford a teacher.

To do the design, don't spoil the design.

This sentence is I think a long time to come out, although it seems very boring, I think it is very important. Start the design of the early friends, please always remember this sentence, and then leave a blank, let your own thinking. Because a lot of people in the list, only thinking is the list is a profit, but ignored the design itself caused by the bad.

I have witnessed a Shanghai strategy of the company, a company in Wenzhou for their brand promotion projects, the company sent to analyze customer business background and the actual situation, if not up to your requirements, give up the operation of the project, even if customers pay more fees, also insisted would give up. I did not understand, why give so much money do not do? I understand why their company has been so successful, because they only do the design, not bad design, that is their long-term development and maintain strategic principles.

So in the early days of entrepreneurship, I also choose customers to start with the principle, as far as possible to make good design to find their own.

Highlight is the advantage.

Must be highlighted, as a designer must have a bright spot. Now the mouse will use the software of the people have said that he is a designer, the Art Department of graduation and designers more and more talent, the industry's competitive is one of the manifestations of this era. Large and small studio design company and even some people sneer at innumerable, now more than WC design company. At this time the designer must make their own unique, entrepreneurial designers operating companies also want to have differences, and highlight the advantages, it is very important.

Design is not good or bad, only right and wrong.

Above I say good design and bad design, nature is the premise of the design. And the design has good and bad? I would like to use the right and wrong to look at this issue. As a designer, he is not an artist and a business division, first of all should be for the owners to solve practical problems, is the design. People who do not understand the design will say that the design is good or not, why do you say that? Because any of the works have his regret, even if it is a master of the five star hotel is a regret, so it is not good to determine. Starting point and purpose of different nature, the nature of the design requirements and the nature is different, contrary to the original intention of the design to lose significance, but also how to talk about good or bad? So in the right and wrong to think about design, will be more accurate for customers to solve practical problems, to find the true meaning of design!

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