In modern times, no matter big or small design company in Dongguan, most of Dongguan attaches great importance to brand design, but look, how many products on the market. What are the reasons for this? But two points: 1, before the brand design, brand positioning is not clear; 2, the concept of fuzzy brand positioning, brand design company by the company staff's subjective preferences as the judgment.

The design itself must have thought, soul, purpose. The product is sold to whom, what is their normal way of life? Want to convey to them what kind of information? What do you want them to look at the brand? We want to guide them how to do it? How we can close to the true inner need and so on. These problems, not you like and do not like the problem.

1, clear brand positioning: positioning of brand design is to solve the problem of what the brand is and what is not. What is this and what is not, does not mean the product attributes, but means that your brand represents what does not mean anything.

2, highlight the core value of the brand: brand core value is the core of brand design and core, but also the intrinsic driving force and cohesion of the brand. In the trend of increasing homogenization of products, the most important factors that affect consumers often is no longer the product entity, but the core value of the brand reflects the target consumers with or way of life and spiritual pursuit, which is to promote consumers to keep the core strength of brand loyalty.

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