When the world entered the era of brand competition, when the brand has become a hot spot in the business world, brand design has become a popular word in the mouth. There are statistics that each investment enterprises in brand image design on the $1, the profit of $227 So attractive rate of return on investment, it is no wonder that business circles to scramble for the brand design. So, what is the brand design? Where does the charm come from?

1, design is the tip of the iceberg, but it is very important! If we understand the brand as an iceberg. The elements of brand or the cultural system, employee behavior, organizational structure, core technology, marketing etc. constitute the main body of this iceberg, though hidden in the water, is the most powerful brand development support and impetus.

But all of this must be recognized by the public through a series of complete and effective visual design and brand promotion.

Think how important it is!

2, return to the origin, essence of excavation project or product design principle is! Sofa design Fukazawa Naohito told us, put aside the seat cushion and the backrest sofa appearance and so on, but in fact, it is just a stool. The designer wants to think as much as possible, according to the corresponding design. So our proposal is not to rush things, may wish to calm down, think about this project or product is the most obvious characteristics of what their target customers and consumer groups and what......

What kind of design do?

3, simple, clear, the concept is our design principles! Simple, clear is the most concise and intuitive way, to achieve effective visual communication and communication, to reject all unrealistic symbolic meaning and the so-called connotation.

The concept is the ingenious original design idea and the application, gives the human by the accident pleasantly surprised, causes the human to be impressive thus powerfully promotes the enterprise image and the cultural connotation.

4, for the customer to do the right design! Mr. Lu Xun says he's dressed:"...... Thin people don't wear black clothes, fat people don't wear white clothes; feet long women must wear black shoes, short legs would wear white shoes; the Plaid Dress fat people can not wear, but better than the cross grid; grid cross fat people wear, put more fat to both sides of the crack with more width, fat should wear vertical stripes, vertical to horizontal is long, the people wide......" Design is also the case, the right is good! Just right!

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